Bautechnik [BOW-tek-nik]: def'n - Building Science          (German: from Bau build + technik technology)

Bautechnik is a firm specializing in advanced building systems.  We are the only active rammed earth builder in Eastern Ontario, as well as one of the few firms in Eastern Canada with in-depth expertise for the unique requirements of mass timber and cross-laminated timber (CLT) buildings.  In addition to these building systems, we engage with architects and structural engineers to provide full-service building science consulting, and with investors seeking to achieve higher IRR's through faster construction.

Bautechnik led the technical design and managed the assembly of the first CLT residential project in Ottawa. Bautechnik also built the very first rammed earth structures in the national capital region: an office studio, a 3 bedroom home built to passive house principles, interior features walls of a modernized restaurant, and the engineering for a rammed earth farmhouse.  

Successful projects are achieved in large part from Bautechnik's roster of outstanding people, drawing from the city's leading engineers and exceptional trades - all of whom bring an uncompromising dedication and routinely exceed expectations.  

Since we first opened our doors, Bautechnik has contributed 1% of net profits to Habit for Humanity.


Bautechnik's Managing Director is Carl-Peter Reinecke.  His experience in the industry began as a student when he worked in construction.  Later, through owning his own properties and seeking to undertake renovations, he noticed the construction industry lacked building science services for single family homes, especially for practical energy-efficient solutions.  Today, he is one of the few practicing building scientists in eastern Canada focused on high-performance buildings for the single-family and low-rise residential segment, and is a certified building energy consultant with the Government of Germany (where the most stringent building codes are in effect).  He studied Timber Engineering and Wood Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Germany.

Peter's building philosophy is simple: he takes a resolute approach to create durable solutions that match the owners vision and goals.  

peter [at] bautechnik dot ca