Making your home or your building efficient goes far beyond sustainability.  Clients who have invested in real efficiency enjoy the comfort, stability, durability, quiet, less maintenance and lower energy bills.

Achieving a durable concept for low-energy construction requires good building science, and this is the heart of what Bautechnik is all about.  We support home owners and architects develop advanced building assemblies that are feasible and reliable. 

We do this by incorporating the best practices of building science with the knowledge of high-performance building materials and our vast network of global suppliers.   Whether for LEED, Passive House, R-2000, EnergyStar, off-grid, or net-zero, we're familiar with all the building standards and can tailor our approach to suit your project.

Beyond energy performance, Bautechnik is also focused on optimizing construction using healthy and natural materials: wood (mass timber), rammed earth, non-toxic insulation, and lime or clay plasters as interior finishes are all possible. 


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