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Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is an innovative engineered wood product originally developed in Europe; it is designed for increased dimensional stability and strength in framing systems. CLT is made of multiple layers of wood, with each layer oriented at right angles to one another to form structural panels. Floor and roof applications have the grain of their exterior layers oriented parallel to the span direction. Mass timber panels and beams arrive to your site prefabricated, which reduces labour onsite, and makes for a quick build. Beyond CLT, mass timber also includes Glulam, NLT, GLT, LVL, LSL and Concrete-Timber composites.

To date, CLT and mass timber have acquired a lot of attention and promoters.  However, real experts are still hard to find.  Bautechnik's Managing Director has acquired formal education and real hands-on experience in mass timber in Germany and Austria (Europe's leading countries for mass timber).  We are uniquely positioned to provide independent advice on the complete spectrum of mass timbers issues related to building science, envelope design, hybrid-configuration, pre-fabrication, protection/durability concerns, sourcing, assembly, etc., to ensure that the architectural concept is optimized both technically and financially.