What is rammed earth exactly?

Rammed earth is an ultra-durable, engineered earth-based wall system consisting of compacted aggregates.  We fabricate engineered rammed earth structures without organic matter (there's no topsoil).

Is rammed earth durable?

Yes, perhaps more so than any other form of wall construction.  Rammed earth walls that were built thousands of years ago still stand today (eg. Great Wall of China).  Rammed earth construction has a very long history dating back to the ancient times, and engineers have upgraded rammed earth for modern homes and buildings to meet contemporary building codes.


Is rammed earth suitable for northern and rainy climates?

Yes, very well in fact.  Many rammed earth homes have been built in Alberta, B.C., Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.


Is building with rammed earth expensive?

The economics of rammed earth, calculated over the long-term, are head-and-shoulders above the alternatives.  Rammed earth requires no further work (drywalling, finishing, etc), no maintenance and adds tremendous value to the home, resulting in an outstanding return on investment.  So when you compare it conventional alternatives, you'll spend less over the long-term. 


What does the construction process for rammed earth buildings look like?

Bautechnik works with homeowners, designers, engineers and architects at the planning and design stages to ensure that rammed earth is site-appropriate and feasible for the client's interests.  Bautechnik is involved with design and provides clients with options, including size, colouring and wall-shapes. Rammed earth walls cannot be built during the winter, so wall construction typically happens in spring, summer and fall.


Why don't more builders offer rammed earth construction?

Rammed earth's one disadvantage is complexity.  Builders need to be well trained in construction processes and must combine the science and the art of building to achieve good results, and talented rammed earth teams can be hard to find.


Does rammed earth require or involve patents?

No.  Properly engineered rammed earth structures will last centuries and are stunningly beautiful.  Achieving this requires no intellectual property.